Start your advertising campaign with Bluesoup. We plan, buy and create amazing advertising. Even the most original message is wasted if your potential customers don’t see it when and where you want them to. And that’s why we start with consumer insight; what they consume, when and in what mindset. From there the strategy is developed and executed. And there isn’t a medium we haven’t used... test us!

Our expertise enables us to develop the right solution quickly, because basically we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll challenge any business’s status quo and recommend new ways of doing things, particularly when we believe we can get better results given your objectives and budget. As a truly independent media agency, we can plan and buy media without the restrictions so common with our larger peers. Thanks to this flexibility, we are not bound by agency deals and commitments and so are free to plan and buy the right media schedule for our clients. Sound refreshing? We’re good at what we do, but pretty simple folk. We figure that if we provide best advice for our clients, they are more likely to succeed, value our contribution and keep investing through us. That leads to long term mutually beneficial relationships, and that’s what we value and enjoy at Bluesoup over the chance to make higher short term profits.


As they say, ‘the devil is in the detail’, so where and when you talk to your customers is just as important as what you say to them. At Bluesoup we start all media planning by getting into the heads of your customers and understanding when they will be most receptive to your campaign. Once we’ve developed a thorough understanding, then we can create a media strategy which will cut through, surround and engage those customers and avoid the campaign becoming just more white noise. As with decorating, the key to a good result lies in the preparation!




Whether you’re looking to build your brand or drive direct response from your advertising, the foundations are the same and are as important. And when we say media, we mean ANY channel which allows us to deliver a message to an audience, be it offline, online, ambient or not even traditionally available. If it’s out there and consumed by your customers, it’s on our radar. When it comes to buying, we use our size and our experience to our advantage, and as with all things in life, there’s more than one way to get what you’re after. We’re as happy to lay down a commitment, snatch a short term deal or secure added value – whatever secures the best outcome for our clients. And if you don’t believe us, then how does the fact that we typically we save our clients 9-16% on their media rates sound?

Eden Project

Each event at Eden is unique, and our ads always reflect this. Having such a diverse calendar presents challenges, though – how can we make sure every campaign reaches its target audience?



Recession hit Concept2 hard, and their status as a market-leading seller of fitness machines was under threat. We needed to turn this worrying trend around and fast - here is how we went about it.