Whilst digital is animating and on-trend, at Bluesoup we feel it is important to not get swung by the tide. We therefore take a more measured, pragmatic and less emotional approach. We’re exceedingly good at what we do; and in all honesty, we should be, given that we were there from the digital start.

We’ve witnessed all the digital comings and goings, such as MySpace, Ask Jeeves, Excite, Lycos, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and the list goes on and on. Not only have we kept pace, we’ve tested, learnt and even written thought-led articles for the trade press. So what really makes us different? First, we talk plain English, avoiding the urge to prove how clever and gifted we are by using acronyms.

After all, if you don’t understand what we’re doing, how can you see our brilliance? Second, we know that the answer to every brief isn’t just digital media; sometimes it’s good, sometimes it struggles. If you set realistic goals you should be pleased with the results. Finally, we keep it pretty simple and stick to best practice. You’d be surprised how many of our peers (digital specialists and full service agencies) who seem to think they don’t have to, or can’t be bothered to. Funnily enough, when you do it right, you get great results every single time.


Hands up, if you, or your previous agency, has had a play with Google Pay per Click (PPC)! Thought so! 99.9% of the time we get enquiries from clients who need us to step in and sort out poorly planned, optimised and executed campaigns. With more than a decade of PPC behind us and a team who have their Google accreditation tattooed proudly on their arms, we can unravel and rebuild an account that will actually do the job. Let us be your fresh eyes; we can run a free PPC audit and see where things are at, with the results yours to do with as you see fit. Many use us to challenge their current agency, fix things internally, or more often than not, to ask Bluesoup to step up. With us on board, you can be confident that the basics are in place with daily checks and monitoring, to make sure things are never out of hand. When it comes to planning new campaigns or ensuring you have a strong share of voice in competitive periods, we have the skills, expertise and war wounds to navigate you through.


SEO can seem to most like digital dark arts. At Bluesoup we’re more than happy to take on the search engine algorithms and deliver strong strategies which stay on the right side of the SEO rules. Get in touch and we will provide a free audit for you. Without the usual agency smoke and mirrors, and the big technical words, our team will dig into your user’s experience and help re-think your website in terms of gaining authority and getting it found. We may suggest a restructure, getting your pages mobile friendly or perhaps improving load speed. We’ll also look at your blog, your content, imagery, and your overall customer engagement, to see if it is working at its best and contributing to the ‘Google library’. No SEO stone will remain unturned in our quest for SEO wins.


We think that social media is a bit like a party you’ve not really been invited to. Whilst other agencies can be a bit loud and shout, we mind our manners and believe you need to be relevant and blend into the conversation rather than broadcast and stick out like a sore thumb. Our team can make sure you hang out with the right crowd and influence, be that on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. We’ll also make the content chatty, authentic and engaging. Plus we do the scientific bit; such as finding out the best time to arrive and where your particular audience is currently hanging out. We can achieve all of the above through paid advertising on the platforms or by posting appropriate and engaging content. Talk to us and we’ll happily suggest the best way to join in.


Talk about rifle shot targeting of large volumes of new potential customers! With online display, never before have we known so much or been able to target so effectively. There are endless ways, such as a user’s location, device, interests, or how they’ve previously engaged with your website. In fact, there are so many that it can become completely overwhelming and that’s where we can step in. We deploy our extensive experience and years of doing, with multiple layers of targeting to pinpoint specific audiences. Plus, to make the campaign work even harder we test and evaluate a host of creative options. From simple text ads to dynamic HTML formats, from home page takeovers to simple MPUs, once we find a winner we back it wholeheartedly.


What you won’t get with Bluesoup is ‘death by data’. After all, what’s the point in swamping you with loads of information? If it’s not understood, it can mask impor- tant insights and therefore prevent meaningful decisions from being made. If ever there was a time for a ‘less is more’ approach, digital reporting is it. Instead, we offer significant web stats with comprehension into what’s working and what isn’t on your website. What more do you need? However, of course if you do happen to have an unhealthy hunger for data, just ask and we’ll be happy to satisfy your cravings!


Our email marketing team enjoy the adventure of thinking of fresh approaches and using technology to bring ideas and messages to life. We’ve all had years’ of practice learning, tweaking and putting into practice everything we know about email campaigns. We’ll polish up your data and ensure it’s safe and secure. We’ll also give you the inside track and tools to get a good understanding of what your clients and potential customer like to click on and when they’re most receptive. We can segment data where necessary and make the content as personal as you’d like. In terms of email design, our designers are happy to let loose if the platform allows, or curb their designs if a more restrictive platform is used.


So we’ve driven users to your website, but then what? How do people use and interact with your site? Where do they land, why do they leave? Why do you have so many website visitors, but they’re not buying your product or service? What’s frustrating them? We’ll undertake the research and find out the answers to these and other questions. Simple tracking code is installed on your site which doesn’t slow down the user experience, but allows us to develop detailed heat maps which show, click by click, mouse move by mouse move, what users are up to. This data is meaningless until one of our skilled analysts is let loose. They spot the trends, identify the bottle necks, compare you with your competitors, and a whole load more. Our web usability studies don’t often conclude with one great revelation, instead a series of small changes which amount to significant improvements. ‘One small step...’ and all that!

Eden Project Digital

With many different campaigns aimed at both locals and holidaymakers to keep on top of, one of the biggest challenges can be ensuring Eden's digital marketing budget is always spent where it will work best.


Tropical Sky Digital

The challenge we faced was getting their name in front of potential customers who would both remember and, ultimately, engage with them in a very competitive market.