Monarch Mobility


Monthly organic users up by 95% YOY

The challenge

Monarch Mobility faced the dual challenge of increasing organic traffic and leads from non-branded keywords, as well as maximising the profit from their spend on Google Ads and Meta. Not only did they want to drive more traffic to the site, but more of the right traffic, who were more likely to be potential customers. With our strategic guidance, we recommended a welcomed change in strategy, which from then on became the key priority for digital success and targeting the right users.

Monarch Mobility 1

The solution

Our digital team analysed market trends, consumer behaviour and competitor strategies to devise a bespoke approach tailored to Monarch Mobility's unique needs. From there, we meticulously crafted and implemented tried-and-tested strategies to tackle Monarch Mobility's challenges head-on. By optimising PPC campaigns for lead generation rather than traffic and focusing SEO on transactional queries and key landing pages, we ensured tangible results that perfectly aligned with Monarch Mobility's business objectives and goals.

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The results

With Bluesoup at the helm, Monarch Mobility experienced a substantial surge in organic traffic. Monthly organic users soared by an impressive 95% year-on-year, with their website reaching top-ranking positions for core keywords, including position 1 for mobility scooter accessories, position 2 for new mobility scooters, and position 3 for folding mobility scooters. Click-through rates from organic search also surged by 28%.

In just 2 months, we also reduced the cost of each lead gained through Meta by 60%, focusing on driving a higher quality, rather than quantity, of users that were more likely to enquire about a product.

We went beyond mere traffic growth; we focused on effectively driving leads. We ensured that every digital touchpoint maximised potential sales opportunities by aligning PPC campaigns with targeted lead-generation strategies and refining SEO tactics to enhance traffic and conversion rates.

As a result of our SEO and paid media strategies, Monarch Mobility have enjoyed a significant uplift in their digital performance!

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