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Whilst digital is the on-trend medium of choice for most, we feel it's important to not get swung by the tide. We take a more measured, pragmatic and less emotional approach. We’re exceedingly good at what we do; and in all honesty, we should be, given that we were there from the digital start.

We’ve witnessed all the digital comings and goings, such as MySpace, Ask Jeeves, Excite, Lycos, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and the list goes on and on. Not only have we kept pace, we’ve tested, learnt and even written articles for the trade. So what really makes us different? First, we talk in plain English, avoiding the urge to prove how clever and gifted we are by using acronyms.

Second, we know that the answer to every brief isn’t just digital media; sometimes it’s good, sometimes it struggles. If you set realistic goals you should be pleased with the results.

Finally, we keep it pretty simple and stick to best practice. You’d be surprised how many of our peers seem to think they don’t have to, or can’t be bothered to. Funnily enough, when you do it right, you get great results every single time.

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