My America Holiday


Ranked organically No1 for "New York Holidays" & a 10% increase in organic traffic.

The challenge

My America faced two key challenges. Firstly it was fighting against the likes of British Airways and Virgin with their scale and budgets, and secondly it was saddled with a technically poor website which the parent company refused to address, focusing on other priorities instead. Paid Search wasn’t affordable, given the deep pockets of the “big boys” so any search visibility had to come organically.

Bluesoup My America Holiday SEO v2

The solution

With one hand tied behind our backs, a strategy was developed to convince Google (and others) of the brands authority and knowledge on all things America. A detailed guide to Route 66 was developed; where to stay, the best burgers en route, must see destinations etc. The fact this iconic route stretches across 8 states immediately injected more authority for the site. Further detailed work on New York specifically was undertaken; how to get from JFK to Times Square, best coffee shops in Brooklyn, best diner in Queens etc .

Bluesoup My America Holiday Mobile SEO

The results

Despite the technical challenges, and the tough competition in the likes of BA & Virgin, the site appeared on page 1 for key cities and states, saw a 10% increase in YoY organic traffic, and most impressive of all, ranked No1 for New York Holidays. “Dope” as they say in America (very good, exciting to the likes of you and I!)

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