Start your advertising campaign with Bluesoup. We plan, buy and create amazing advertising. Even the most original message is wasted if your potential customers don’t see it when and where you want them to. And that’s why we start with consumer insight; what they consume, when and in what mindset. From there the strategy is developed and executed. And there isn’t a medium we haven’t used... test us!

Our expertise enables us to develop the right solution quickly, because basically we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll challenge any business’s status quo and recommend new ways of doing things, particularly when we believe we can get better results given your objectives and budget . As a truly independent media agency, we can plan and buy media without the restrictions so common with our larger peers. Thanks to this flexibility, we are not bound by agency deals and commitments and so are free to plan and buy the right media schedule for our clients. Sound refreshing? We’re good at what we do, but pretty simple folk. We figure that if we provide best advice for our clients, they are more likely to succeed, value our contribution and keep investing through us. That leads to long term mutually beneficial relationships, and that’s what we value and enjoy at Bluesoup over the chance to make higher short term profits.


Unlike network agencies, flexibility is our friend. So whether it’s a supercharged blast of top TV programmes, or a longer, lower and more efficient schedule you’re after, we provide the right advice to deliver the numbers. We understand the tricks of how to run & optimise effective DRTV campaigns having worked with the likes of Direct Line and NatWest. But if you want to raise awareness of your brand....well let’s just say we were part of the team who developed the launch strategy for the Ford Focus a few years back and helped turn the RAC we kind of know our onions. We’re proud to boast that one of our clients has just had their first million month, following a visually simple, white, product-led campaign on the right channel and best airtime to reach their silver market.


These days there are so many different ways using of using the press. Display or classified, inserts to sponsorship, door drops to cover wraps, as well as a host of in title creative solutions and then of course their digital platforms, we’ll help you choose the best solution in the right titles. And as we have already mentioned, we’re adept at saving our clients money either by smarter negotiation on rates or by snatching added value which delivers better exit rates. Did we mention typical savings of 9%-16%....? We invest significant budgets across the national press, regional press as well as all the magazines and trade journals you can care to imagine. We understand the nuances of each, and how to best use them to meet any given brief.


Thanks to the fragmentation of TV, outdoor is perhaps the last true broadcast medium and so offers advertisers amazing opportunities. Whether it’s a national campaign or dominating a local area, outdoor offers opportunities which few media can match. And when we talk about out of home, we’re not just talking the good old fashioned paper and paste 48 sheets and 6 sheets. The new digital formats offer new targeting opportunities, but even more exciting, fuelled by our love for anything out of the ordinary, we’ll get your message on the street, in the chippy, on the beach and in the air if that’s what works.

Fish and chip bags, billboards dominating all M5 southbound motorway services and huge banners flying above Cornwall’s beaches, all promoted the Eden Project’s Dinosaur summer campaign. We are pleased to report that the media achieved double visitor recognition contributing towards the Eden Project’s most successful summer in four years!


Magazines offer the opportunity of high impact, visually arresting coverage of a business and brand. Magazines cover countless topics, so businesses can target specific interests and niche audiences they might not be able to achieve in other media. This format also has a longer shelf-life, so your campaign will reach more people as they are read again and again, sometimes weeks or months after publication. High-end magazine publications carry status too, indicating the content within - be it an editorial or ad - is reputable and has quality.


Old hat? Think again! Commercial radio reaches millions of UK adults every week (48 million according to RAJAR figures); giving it the kind of audience figures some 21st Century media would die for! We make the most of radios relationship with its listeners as well as it’s incredible ability to deliver frequency. So whether it’s traditional airtime, sponsorship of shows and events or accessing digital opportunities online or through streaming, we’ll we make radio achieves its potential.


Can any other medium claim such an immersive and engaged audience? Answers on a postcard please. And thanks to the range of cinematic experiences out there, from multiplexes to art house venues, targeting the right audience has never been easier. Lights, Camera, Action. (sorry!)


‘Experiential’ may lack the reach of other media, but the impact of getting up close and personal with your consumers is amazing. To get folk to spend time with the brand, to test it, to chat with brand ambassadors or to engage in a deeper way proves beneficial time and time again. Experiential can take many forms; from stunning out of home special builds to sampling opportunities, from giveaways to a VR experience, from promotions to engaging competitions – every experiential opportunity is different. The only limits are your imagination (and budgets!). We’ve been running immersive experiential campaigns for years and each offers a uniquely memorable ‘experience’ to all those who touch/see/experience it. Our creative team will ensure your campaign stands out from the crowd, whatever your target market. Did you happen to see an inflatable astronaut on the beach the last time you were in Cornwall or take a bunch of daffodils outside Covent Garden tube station? Yep, that was us!

Eden Project

Each event at Eden is unique, and our ads always reflect this. Having such a diverse calendar presents challenges, though – how can we make sure every campaign reaches its target audience?


Journey Latin America

Based in London, JLA enjoyed a strong customer base in the city. But with the capital being so saturated with travel ads, we saw an opportunity to make a bigger impact in other cities where we knew there were possibilities for expansion.