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Eden Project

Summer Campaigns

Highest ever recall for paid media!

The challenge

Eden opened its doors in 2001 to much fanfare and excitement. Visitor numbers surged as people rushed to experience Eden for themselves. But as the initial excitement died down, so did visitor numbers and Eden found itself having to fight for every visitor pound, alongside other established attractions in Cornwall and the wider South West.

Bluesoup Eden Project Aerial Banner Media

The solution

The summer weeks, as for most attractions, are key to whether Eden enjoys a good year or a bad year. The team at Eden worked hard to create exciting and engaging summer campaigns to attract visitors and locals to Eden; including Dinosaurs, Space and Earth Story.

Bluesoup built a detailed picture of consumer behaviour to ensure that Eden was positioned as the biggest and most exciting venue during a holiday in Cornwall. Comms started on the journey to Cornwall, at motorway service stations, and went on to surround and follow holiday makers. Key to any successful holiday is time on the beach - a location lacking in traditional ad formats. Not a problem for Bluesoup - we created our own - from massive aerial banners, through to huge inflatables to a one off sand drawing. And off the beach, traditional outdoor and press formats were layered with multi touch point digital media and even fish and chip bags.

Beach inflatables

The results

With a renewed focus on Cornwall centric advertising, and an injection of fun and innovation into the media campaign, visitor numbers recovered. Post campaign research also recorded the highest awareness of an advertising medium for the aerial banners. What's not to like?!

Bluesoup Eden Project Fish and Chips advertising

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