TGA Mobility

TV Campaign

TV advert for the award-winning TGA Minimo

The challenge

Our task was to boost sales for the acclaimed TGA Minimo folding mobility scooter and carve a distinct identity in the competitive mobility market for TGA Mobility. We aimed to elevate the brand's status with its image, positioning it as a premium provider of top-notch mobility equipment. Additionally, we sought to connect with the right audience, portraying mobility solutions as convenient pathways to enhanced independence and everyday freedom.

TGA Mobility 3

The solution

We crafted a compelling narrative that highlighted the effortless functionality of the TGA Minimo, empowering individuals with mobility challenges to embrace life to the fullest.

Our TV advert for TGA utilised a refreshing and straightforward approach, infused with humour and a casual tone, to resonate with viewers in need of a mobility solution. We additionally adopted a creative style that was missing from the market – a personal side that understood what mobility users want from their mobility products, as well as the way they feel. By presenting the TGA Minimo as a stylish and modern mobility option, we differentiated it from traditional old-fashioned scooters, emphasising its role in promoting independence and a more attainable active lifestyle.

TGA Mobility 2

The results

The TV advert exceeded expectations, surpassing the cost-per-call target by 16%, and garnered exceptional reception, viewership and customer engagement. This successful TV campaign marked TGA Mobility's most lucrative trading month in its 40-year history, firmly establishing the brand as a leader in quality mobility products and scooters. We at Bluesoup couldn’t be prouder to play a hand in helping the brand succeed and stand out in today’s competitive mobility market.

TGA Mobility 1

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