Lugger Rum

Packaging Design

International winner of the World Rum Awards – 2020

The challenge

Imagine capturing the essence of an 18th-century Devon smuggler's tale in a bottle of spiced rum. That was the exciting challenge we faced with Lugger Rum when it came to label design and bottle shape. Based at Lyme Bay Winery, Lugger Rum needed a design to reflect its high-end status and rich history. Our task? To whisk consumers away on a journey through time to Devon’s smuggling days, enticing them with a blend of sophistication and intrigue.

Lugger Rum 1

The solution

We didn't just design a label; we crafted a narrative. By delving into the captivating story of Jack Rattenbury, Devon's most infamous smuggler, we infused Lugger Rum with a sense of adventure and authenticity. Our bespoke label, adorned with silver foiling and intricate coastal graphics, served as a portal to the past, inviting consumers to uncover the secrets of Devon's rugged shores.

Lugger Rum 4

The results

Our efforts paid off on a global scale. Lugger Rum's transformation and product captivated judges at the World Rum Awards, earning it the title of Gold Winner in 2020. Praised for its captivating design and rich taste, Lugger Rum stood out among competitors, earning respect and admiration from rum enthusiasts worldwide.

With our help at Bluesoup, Lugger Rum didn't just win awards; it captured hearts and imaginations, proving that great design can truly transcend borders. Bluesoup played a pivotal role in bringing Lugger Rum's branding vision to life, ensuring that every design detail resonated with the spirit of adventure and the Devon culture we know and love so well – ultimately setting it apart in the competitive world of rum!

Lugger Rum 2

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