Concept2 have been selling rowing machines to the public, gyms and professional athletes for over 40 years and are regarded as leaders in their field. However, the recession hit them hard and saw their home sales literally half within a matter of months. Turning this worrying trend around was going to be a huge challenge.

Concept2 advert as seen in a newspaper
Concept2 advert as seen in a newspaper
Concept2 advert as seen in a newspaper



A drastic situation called for a decisive solution, and that’s just what we delivered. We looked at Concept2’s existing ads and saw straight away that their messaging was wrong – as well as having no price points, we knew the message and imagery was far too technical and sporty and risked alienating their target audience of busy professionals who struggled to find time to go to the gym.

We quickly set about transforming the ads, with our focus being on making them friendlier, clearer and less exclusive - basically, it needed to be much more appealing to Concept2’s core market.



The results of our bold approach to Concept2’s ads needed to be dramatic – and they were. Within just three months, home rowing machine sales had jumped back to their pre-recession levels, making a massive difference to the company’s financial outlook. We certainly proved ourselves fit for the job!