Edukid are a Christian UK-registered charity that helps remove barriers that children living in poverty and conflict face in Cambodia, Palestine and Uganda when it comes to access to education. As the charity sector is quite competitive (sadly), Edukid needed to move their branding on, to create a simple, vibrant logo that somehow had a nod towards education, but most importantly resonated with kids, teachers and parents… a tricky one!

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When developing a new piece of branding, wherever possible, we like to build relevant details of the company into the logo (see if you can spot the pencil tip!). It adds an individual touch, and when it comes to design, that simplicity in a logo is the key to success. The use of bold colours is always good at grabbing attention, and the bright pink of Edukid means it stands out in their charity sector.



A change in a logo can help transform the whole brand, and it has been great to see Edukid expand in recent years, educating people in the UK on how they can help make changes to children’s education around the world. The logo is used across the board on brochures, posters, social media, the website, stationery and banners, and that has helped continue their success and given them wider reach to their varied audience.