Greencliff is a building and property maintenance company in North Devon which enjoys a stellar reputation among its many clients, all of whom value the firm’s high-quality work and careful attention to detail. The only problem they had was standing out in a saturated marketplace; how could they come up with a brand identity that would help to grow their customer base?

Greencliff Construction logo branding on top of a piece of paper
Greencliff Construction branding on the side of a van
Greencliff Construction logo branding on stationery


The answer, of course, was to come to us! We knew that Greencliff needed an identity that showed off their brand confidence and got their name out there in a way that anyone who saw it would remember. And we got straight to work.



The logo we created for Greencliff met their brand’s every need - clean, simple and bold, the design perfectly reflects the company’s core qualities. Incorporating a building, a cliff and their brand name into one clear image, the centrepiece of Greencliff’s new identity was instantly memorable and went down a storm with our client!