The Baby Boomer generation were revolutionising what it meant to be old and there was increasing competition for Lochs & Glens from glamorous new entrants such as cruising. The returns from advertising were reducing as media rates rose. The target audience required the ads to be deal lead and relevant to their local pick up point, which meant that there were up to 200 adverts going out each week with different copy.

Close up of Lochs and Glens brochures
Close up of Lochs and Glens coach
Lochs and Glens holiday offer as seen in a newspaper



Local press remains the mainstay of the media that the target audience consume so the ads were redesigned to be more appealing and relevant. We developed software to allow the management and artwork of huge numbers of ads and negotiated with the media to reduce costs.



The time from client instruction to delivering the completed ads to the papers has be reduced to 2 days and this allows the client to reduce wastage by planning more efficiently. This combined with improved media deals resulted in a £32k saving in the first year.