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Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire


Ranked top 3 organically for “Wales Holiday Cottages”.

The challenge

Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire has over 500 cottages located across Pembrokeshire but despite ranking well for their patch, audience insight suggested that customers often began their holiday search looking for holidays in Wales and as such Coastal were missing out on potential sales. A new site had been designed and was close to launch, so a strategy and plan of action needed to be established quickly.

Bluesoup Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire SEO

The solution

A content strategy was set in motion to demonstrate Coastal's unrivalled Welshness. Its cottages were located across 88 towns and villages within Pembrokeshire, each with a dedicated landing page. Town and village guides were developed and written for over 80 Pembrokeshire locations; best pub, best places for fish and chips, safe beaches, which bench to watch the sunset from, and so on.

Alongside this, ‘top value’ landing pages were identified and reworked to have a Wales focus while retaining Pembrokeshire in their core message. The theory was to prove the website is an authority on everything Pembrokeshire, with a supporting content strategy to cover both Pembrokeshire and wider Wales topics.

Bluesoup Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire SEO

The results

After the site launched, 84 of the 88 towns and village pages ranked on page one for *location* holiday cottages or holiday cottages in *location*, with 77 of those ranking in the top 3 positions. With the help of continued content production, the site soon ranked on page one for Wales-related search terms and went on to rank in the top 3 for “Wales holiday cottages”. Croesco.

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