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Tropical Sky

Tropical Sky brand response advertising campaign

Enquiries & sales singificantly exceeded pre campaign targets.

The challenge

Tropical Sky have to fight for share of voice amongst numerous other brands doing exactly the same thing (some with exceptionally deep pockets). Bluesoup were set the challenge of increasing awareness, and as a result, holiday sales.

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The solution

Fighting for visibility amongst the herd is a notoriously hard way to achieve visibility, stature and awareness. Instead, we adopted a more confident, aggressive approach to ensure Tropical Sky was seen as a key player in the luxury travel sector. The campaign utilised “break out” press ads, where editorial copy in newspapers wrapped around an unconventional ad format. Coupled with the innovative press ads was a highly targeted Adsmart TV campaign to add targeted frequency, as well as a host of digital activity.

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The results

Happily enquiries & sales both increased as a result of the activity, specifically for the holidays featured, but Tropical Sky were also able to cross sell to other destinations. Happy days.

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