Hands up, if you, or your previous agency, has had a play with Google Pay per Click (PPC)! Thought so! 99.9% of the time we get enquiries from clients who need us to step in and sort out poorly planned, optimised and executed campaigns. With more than a decade of PPC behind us and a team who have their Google accreditation tattooed proudly on their arms, we can unravel and rebuild an account that will actually do the job. Let us be your fresh eyes; we can run a free PPC audit and see where things are at, with the results yours to do with as you see fit.

Many use us to challenge their current agency, fix things internally, or more often than not, to ask Bluesoup to step up. With us on board, you can be confident that the basics are in place with daily checks and monitoring, to make sure things are never out of hand. When it comes to planning new campaigns or ensuring you have a strong share of voice in competitive periods, we have the skills, expertise and war wounds to navigate you through.



Every paid digital strategy we build and execute has data at its core. These days, of course, we all have more data at our fingertips than ever before, but the question is: how to capitalise on it? This is where Bluesoup comes in. Our talented and experienced team spend every day conducting keyword research and analysing data at a highly granular level, so we can start establishing KPIs and planning how to optimise your digital campaigns immediately - keeping you in the loop at every stage.


Once we have pored over every available data set and discussed what your paid digital strategy should be, we can go about putting it into practice. Our years of building PPC, display, video and social campaigns for a (very!) diverse client base mean that we can set up, roll out and begin analysing the performance of your strategy quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your business starts seeing strong ROI figures as soon as possible.


As we have already mentioned, no amount of data – however detailed it may be – is worth gathering if nothing useful is done with it. At Bluesoup, we begin analysing your campaign data straight away, and don’t wait until your next report to make any changes we feel are necessary; successful digital analysis is all about gaining valuable insights and acting on them in a timely manner, and our in-house experts can be trusted to start doing this from the day your ads go live.


We understand that any business needs to have a clear understanding of how each aspect of their marketing strategy is performing. You will be reassured to learn that we at Bluesoup are as efficient at reporting on our campaigns as we are at running them, providing you with detailed breakdowns either weekly or monthly - and, just as importantly, you can be confident that our reports will always be 100% transparent, giving you a full and honest picture of what’s going on.


One of our paid digital team’s core principles is a commitment to constantly optimising every campaign they help to run. Our clients benefit from a highly flexible, granular and dedicated approach that sets us apart from other agencies you may have worked with in the past, investigating everything from the time of day your ads appear to the demographics of the people who are clicking on them. We break the traditional cycle of run, report, optimise by focusing on optimisation from day one. And, if we suspect that any aspect of your campaign could be performing better, we take immediate action to make it happen.



Now firmly established as one of the most effective marketing channels available, ‘traditional’ PPC consists of unobtrusive text adverts that appear above organic results on search engines. Google basically invented PPC and is still the industry’s dominant force; constantly evolving, Google Ads (previously called ‘AdWords’) is unrivalled in its customer reach and pioneered features like remarketing, which helps businesses home in on their best prospects via sophisticated ad targeting.  It’s highly accountable and highly efficient – but only in the right hands.


PPC is also offered (and often performs even better) on smaller search engines like Bing, who now need to at least be considered as part of any well-run paid digital campaign. In the last few years, Bing has become a serious player in the world of PPC and arguably now rivals Google Ads both in terms of its usability and value for money.


If your business isn’t currently running PPC, or if you have a feeling it’s not being run very well, then talk to us! We will be happy to carry out a detailed audit of your PPC account – completely free of charge. So, if you want to know where things might be going wrong, and how they can be improved, just get in touch with our friendly team today.

Bundles of Joy PPC

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Plymouth Marjon University PPC

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When we took on Monarch’s paid activity, our aims were simple: reduce the wastage that comes with putting the right ads in front of the wrong people, to drive more relevant users to their site, and ultimately to increase conversions.